New mobile application version issued

Today we published a new version of TrackMe mobile application in Google play store. User interface drastically updated with swiping tab layout and share tracks function added.

Version 1.5B5 contains many other improvements you can see in what new description in the store. To let the community to use this version easier we filmed a small video on how to share the tracks. It is below this text. Take a look.

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Spring updates

Second version of watch application released. It has minor enhancements:
- runtime location permissions request added to avoid manual location permission setting for the first start
- some images are changed
- distribution package built with the latest library release code

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TrackMe in English

TrackMe - geopositioning service allows you to track Android and Android Wear 2.0 devices easy, without pre-registration, free. The only thing you need is to install mobile application and to press start tracking button. Application tracks, collects and save you devices geographic coordinates in a cloud storage you're able to browse and share after thru the web base selfportal.

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