TrackMe in English

TrackMe - geopositioning service allows you to track Android and Android Wear 2.0 devices easy, without pre-registration, free. The only thing you need is to install mobile application and to press start tracking button. Application tracks, collects and save you devices geographic coordinates in a cloud storage you're able to browse and share after thru the web base selfportal.

The key TrackMe benefits are:

- careful attitude to the battery consumption issues which is usually headache while mobile tracking

- ability to cache trackpoints when there is no connectivity at all, points are cached and will be sent out later when the connectivity restores

- ease of use for those who is not, lets say, very it-aware person, but whom we want to follow and to track sometimes: oldies, children, pets, cars, and so on

How to track:

- Install mobile application

- Start it

- Enter your e-mail

- Press start button

How to watch tracks:

- Open your mailbox

- Check for the password inside

- Go to selfportal here

Login and fun

What next?

We will publish mobile application for original Android and others

We will expand web selfportal features to share the tracks with others and something more