FAQ (We beleive you know what is that mean)

Is this service free of charge ?


Will this service require any payments in the future ?


Are the ads inside exists ?

No and wont

Why ?

The will of developers

Can i attach more then one device into one TrackMe account ?

Yes. You can. Login to your selfportal here with login and password from e-mail sent to you. Uncheck "Accept coordinates only from known devices". Install app on your second (third etc) device. Enter the same e-mail as your service login. Start track and locate one ore more geo point. You're done. New device attached to the same account and ready to view and collect tracks. Dont forget to check the switch back to disable free access to your tracks.

How can i change active account on my device ?

If your device authorized for use more then one account, you may switch between them. Just enter another e-mail as account login and press "Enter" on onscreen keyboard. You can track and watch tracks of another account.

How can i inderstand the track is collecting geo points (works good)?

I got to check the way points ("Points") number are greater then cached points ("Cache") and increases while you moves.

Will the waypoints be stored when there is no network?

Yes. The way points are collecting and stored locally on your device until the network gets back. Then all the points will be pushed to the service cloud. It is important to know the cached points are pushed only while tracking active. If you stopped tracking all cached points will be pushed out in the next track session.

Why tracking stops after i switch off the screen of my device?

In most cases the reason is the Android closes the app or stops it. Starting from Android version 5 Google cares energy saving too much. Location detection want you or not is the energy demanding process and requires you include the app into the list of exceptions. Depending on the device model and Anroid version you using the exact path in settings may differ but the options "Background active apps", "Protected apps", "Application permissions", "Sleep mode exceptions" or something like that are defenitly presents in the settings menu. Watch application not required to set anything manually in settings. Only phone or tablet. Anyway it is better to look into you device manual to find appropriate setting to allow the app work in a background.

Can i share my track with somebody?

UPDATED: Yes. Now this ability works in mobile application and in selfservice portal as well. To share the track, enter participants e-mail and click "Share" button. For those who not installed this app yet the e-mail with a link will be sent out.

Check the following video on how to share tracks in mobile app:

How to delete track?

UPDATED: Select it in the list of tracks and click "Delete" in mobile application or thru the selfservice portal.

Is the app works on watch as standalone app independent of paired mobile ?

Yes. OS Android Wear 2.0 declared the focus on support standalone operations for the applications which are able to work independent the paired device.

Can i navigate to dedicated waypoint?

Yes. Tap the waypoint. (The snipper will show the points details like fix time, speed, direction, accuracy, distance from start etc) and press "Navigate" button in lower right corner of the map screen